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Chat History

Hi all,

is there a way to get from server the History of a Chat conversation?


I don’‘t know of any JEP that handles this, so no, we don’'t have anything in place in Smack. Is there a specific JEP you were looking for support for?



Hi Matt,

No, not specially.

I need to implement an IM, and I noticed JabberMessenger is able to retrieve conversation history.

So I just wondered how this was possible.

I’'ll manage this manually.


Do you mean Chat or Multi-User Chat? Multi-User Chat manages discussion history where you can specify the amount to history to retrieve. AFAIK, Chat does not support history unless your client saves the chat history to a local file for later use.


– Gato

Thanks Gato.

I’'ll check Multi-user chat.


I’‘m afraid I wasn’‘t very clear. Currently Smack doesn’‘t support MUC. However, it’'s in our roadmap for 3.1.


– Gato


I should note that Jive Messenger’‘s chat history setting determines how much of a basic groupchat room’‘s chat history is sent to you when you first join the chat room. This is not individual chat history for a one-to-one IM conversation. When you join XMPP chat rooms you’‘ll notice that the chatroom will send you none, some, or ‘‘too much’’ history of what was said in the room before you joined. I’'m not sure how other servers determine how much to send, but this setting allows you to tell Messenger what you want it to do.


Thanks for your help