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Chat Huistory features


it would be good if when a user selects - Disable Chat History, if that option would delete any already saved history too and not just future chat log

We have found spark to be a good program for our closed network, but this feature would enable the security we need (alot of our current users are from v 1.0.4 and so have quite a bit of history which isnt being removed from that option)

you can delete it manually:

C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Spark\user\username@servername\transcripts*

nice workaround, but unfortunately some of our users arent very tech so it would be handy if Spark deleted history when the option - Disable chat history is enabled

That’‘s a good idea delta9, however I think I will prompt them to do this. I’'ve filed SPARK-226 to have this as a new feature in 1.1.2.



I’'m using version 1.1.4 and cannot find this feature. Where is it?

menu: Spark, Preferences: Disable Chat History