Chat Issue


see i create an instance of the Chat object using the constructor that takes a threadId parameter. i add a message listener and all that. i’‘m able to test communication to and fro with some other client, but when if i set my presense to UNAVAILABLE i’‘m able to still send messages to the other client but i don’'t get to pick up his messages on my listener. if i logout, on next login i recieve a flood of those same msgs as offline msgs.

i was online i only set my presence to UNAVAILABLE. in yahoo messenger even though i’‘m invisible i can still communicate with a person on my roster whom i choose to communicate with, only the other ppl on my roster don’'t see me as online.

is there a way i can inplement this (Invisible) using the smack API.

any help would be appreciated.

Invisibility is done differently in Jabber. There’'s an experimental JEP available for it called Invisible Command.

I’'ve implemented support for it using my own extension. You can get that here:

Note that this isn’'t supported by Wildfire yet, so you might have to be patient.

Hi Andreas,

Gato should assign JM-747 to you (: