Chat log not available

Since the update in version 2.6.3 it seems Spark has ceased registering all my chat session.

It show up in chat windows but is not available in the log.

I have enabled log in the options panels (in fact it has always been enable)

Any idea of why ? or a fix ?

Do you mean your conversation history? Have you waited long enough for it to load? It can take quite long to load large history.

Are you trying to access the logs on the server, or on the client?

The Conversation History is not working. The server archiving still works but the conversation history is not showing any longer.

I am having this issue also.

If you don’t mind losing the history you can start with a fresh profile and see if that helps. Profile is located at:

C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Spark





Yes i was meaning my conversation history with someone.

I have waited enought time to see it was not the problem (in fact it load quickly, just that it has nothing for these user since i upgraded (or more exactly My IT management choose to upgrade))

i will try somthing with that (perhaps starting with a fresh profile and then try to append the existing file into the new one)

Thanks for the idea.

Hi, I am also experiencing the same problem. The Conversation History is showing the logs up to a certain date (August 1), thereafter are missing.

I am using Spark 2.6.3. The conversation history are clearly saved in the .xml transciprts but they just refuse to appear via the Conversation History function.

Read the description of SPARK-1407

SPARK-1407 isn’t the issue being experienced here.

Ever since I upgraded from 2.5.8 to either 2.6.2 and finally 2.6.3, my extended chat history is unavailable I can see the recent history when I open an IM window, but the extended chat history stops loading data at the time the client was upgraded. The information does get logged to the XML file for the extended chat history.

Actually as I’m typing this I’ve found the problem. If you look at your XML file at the time the upgrade occured there is a tag that is typo’d. The tag is formatted as "</messag " and you need to type the “e>” on the end to correctly close the previous tag. Once you do the entire chat history becomes availble after the client upgrade. So the line ends with " "

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You got it. Many thanks . i had already done a regexp to correct the problem on all my logs files.


I was replying to raymun and it seems his issue is related to that ticket. Your issue maybe related to this ticket though SPARK-1385

Is there no way to show the lastest history now? I have changed maximumHistory=10000 but they are still missing in the conversation log.

@alteredegos: wroot is right. There’s no typo in my xml file. However, I do suspect my problem began after I switched to version 2.6.3.

Try setting it even bigger, like 1000000. I haven’t tried this myself, though.

Nope, there’s no difference.

I think maximumHistory=5000 is not the issue here. I have contacts with less than 100 lines of chat history yet the most current log are not showing. They appear in the chat window, but not when I clicked ‘view conversation history’. Hence, I am pretty sure it has something to do with the conversation to version 2.6.3. Setting overwritten or transcript path changed?

@alteredegos: It seems that you are right! I went through all my chat logs and finally found it…the missing ‘e>’. Thanks a lot!!

not trying to drag up an old post… however this seems to only be a partial fix. There seems to be multiple XML files that are indeed missing the “e>” from the “</messag” part of the text.

However, this is only the case for about half of our XML Transcript files. The other half do not have this missing “e>” but instead have problems were some of the “name@server/Spark 2.6.3” is missing.

They look like:

“ver/Spark 2.6.3”

so they are missing the login name and part of the server name. Not good.

Fix this by making the syntax correct… so in this case:

“name@server/Spark 2.6.3”

Save, and then ur history should be back for this effected transcript file.

Hope this helps somebody! Not sure why Spark had this many problems with the 2.6.3 upgrade… seems like it was rushed perhaps.

NOTE: also, wanted to clarify for any future readers, that you are only concerned about the files labeled:

name@server.xml – not the name@server_current.xml files.

I have filed your findings as another ticket, linked to the previous. SPARK-1447

2.6.3 whether the spark chat history can be set with the specified time