Chat room membership via LDAP?

Hi all,

Is it possible to have a MUC whose membership is populated according to LDAP data?



PS. Or, is there a way to manage chat room memberships in bulk?

Aargh. The lack of ability to provide access permissions to LDAP groups in group chat continues to be one of the amazing ironies.

We can let LDAP groups all see each other, in case they wish to click and IM each other. But a chat room can’‘t have them all as allowed (only) members. That’'s unfortunate!

I see that 3.1beta has commands for populating MUCs. But yeah, LDAP would be a boon.

I would like to see this functionality as well…

Does anyone have a workaround at all? How do the features in 3.1 (briefly mentioned above) play into this?

Any help here would be much appreciated.