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Chat.setFilteredOnThreadID(false) was removed, what do we do?

I’'m a newbie, and I have a question:

I used smack 1.5 and it worked ok, but now I use version 2.2 and my program has one error left. It said that there’'s not <Chat.setFilteredOnThreadID(false)> anymore. Any one has any idea to fix this.

Thank you for reading this thread. Hope to see your reply.

Well if Chat#isFilteredOnThread has been removed from the api then you’'ll need to remove it from your code in order for it to compile.

Thank you for your reply Jon.

I removed it, the code has no error, but when the program runs, the receiver received only the first message, the same on the sender.

Only the first message has been sent. Why?

any one have any suggest?

some one help me please


Smack now attempts to “just do the right thing” whenever possible. The Javadoc for the Chat class states:

“A chat is a series of messages sent between two users. Each chat has a unique thread ID, which is used to track which messages are part of a particular conversation. Some messages are sent without a thread ID, and some clients don’'t send thread IDs at all. Therefore, if a message without a thread ID arrives it is routed to the most recently created Chat with the message sender.”

So, even if the other person you’‘re chatting with isn’‘t setting a threadID, you should still be getting the messaes. Any chance you’'re creating multiple Chat objects with the same person?



Hi matt,

when I use two instances of my chat client to chat each others, the prob is what I said above.

But when I use my chat client to chat with another chat client like: Gaim or GTalk everything is ok.

What is the real prob here?

My guess is that you’‘re creating two chat objects that are using different thread ID’‘s. You need to make sure you use matching thread ID’‘s or don’'t use them at all.



thank you matt, I really appreciate your support