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Chat - spark

Boa tarde, tenho um problema que as vezes estou digitando emails e alguem envia um chat no Spark, e devido a isso acabo perdendo o que digito pois o windows poe o foco na janela do Spark.
Há como desativar está função?

Hello Jonathan!

This is a known issue with the currently released version of spark (version 2.6.3). It is not a bug in Spark, but rather a bug in Java version 6.

A fix, is to install Java 7 on your computer, then copy the java directory into Spark and rename it to “jre” – basically replacing the directory named “jre” that is in the Spark installation directory.

If on windows xp, your java 7 will be under C:\Program Files\Java\ inside that directory there is a directory named “jre7” – copy that into C:\Program Files\Spark … then rename the existing “jre” directory to “jre_original”, then rename the “jre7” to just “jre”.

Restart Spark and should be fixed

PS: The next version of Spark used Java 7 by default, and therefore will not have this problem…

Jonathan, conseguiu seguir a dica do Jason, resolveu o problema ao instalar o java7 ou renomear as pastas se a estação for windows xp?