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Chat Thread Conflict


im having trouble using the chat threadid.

When i start a message, i create a new window with MessageListener and create a chat like this:

**newChat = MainFrame.getInstance().getChatManager().createChat( StringUtils.parseBareAddress(entry),

StringUtils.parseName(entry), this);

the thread id is the name of the user.

the MainFrame implements PacketListener like this:

public void processPacket(Packet pacote) {

if (PrincipalFrame.getInstance().getChatManager().getThreadChat( StringUtils.parseName(pacote.getFrom))) == null)


Message mensagem = (Message) pacote;

ChatMessageFrame frame = new ChatMessageFrame(pacote.getFrom()); //who calls **




The prolem is:

When i first receive a msg… ok … there isnt a chat thread id, so it creatse a ChatFrame and a newChat…

But when i close the ChatFrame (dispose) , and i receive another message from the same user, it ignores the msg (because the thread id already exists)

How can i kill, or erase, this chat ID to open another chatFrame for the same user??

Thx… Fred.