Chat to chat in room

Hi. I use openfire 4.0.2 client and spark 2.7.6. There is one thing that makes me sad. Suppose I have an open room, I click on it and contact me chat opens. But this chat is not one that we would like. Is it possible to do so, that would be when you click on a person I have opened a chat with him?

Private chat in group chat rooms works as it is devised by xmpp stsndards. You may not be able to see user’s real jid address in the group chat or you may not be approved by him, so opening a direct chat wouldn’t be possible. That’s why there’s a separate private chat for one on one chats in the group chat.

I can change this?

I set

Group Chat > Group Chat Setting > conference > Default Room Setting > Can anyone discover real JIDs of occupants

Group Chat > Room Adm > my room > Show Real JIDs of occupants to Anyone

but it did not help

You can’t change this via settings. You will have to modify Spark’s source and build your own version.