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Chat Transcript for 10/5/2005

Hey all,

Today’'s chat transcript is attached. Thanks to everyone that joined. BTW, if anyone has ideas for future guest speakers, please let me know.

Summary of the chat (from Gato):

  • A new client called “mindim” based on Smack will be released soon

  • Next beta version of JM 2.3.0 will be released next Friday 7. Help was requested to test TLS for s2s.

  • Minimum requirements to run JM were discussed. Once again wroot case was mentioned. J

  • Mentioned that next version of the Admin Console will be based on Sitemesh

  • Discussed the idea of using portlets technology for the Admin Console. StringBeans looks like a nice portal server.



“wroot case” Maybe i should write a howto “How to run JM on ZX Spectrum”?