Chat Transcripts

Hey all,

I’‘ve been pretty bad at keeping up with the chat transcripts. So, I’'m attaching several to catch up. If we can just make this automated somehow…


bad bad Matt And what about July 20 and 13? And you should change dates of Upcoming events section

The upcoming events section has been updated but I’'m afraid the other chats are lost to the void.



Just tried to download those pdfs, and I get an error >> File does not start with ‘’%PDF-’’

Anyone else experience this?


hm, it’'s ok on my side.

I get the %PDF error also…

I’'m using Firefox 1.04 and Adobe 6.0

i see, you want to watch it online. Yes, i do get this error too with Fx 1.0.6 and mmm… Adobe Reader 5.0 But it launches fine after you download it. havent tried to watch it online with 7.0.2 Reader at work.

The missing transcripts were found and I added them as new attachments.


Thanx a lot

Hey Matt,

Where can it in this weeks Chat Transcripts what contains was discussed?