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Chat Window Menu Bar Problem-Stay always in background

Hi Expert

I have problem in chat window with some options on it like sending file or see user profile and the problem is the opened new window stay always in background and unusable actually,

please check below picture for more info and please try it once.

Because in your case you have “always stay on top” enabled.


Now the same problem for main chat window for upload file or any other option on chat windows…

How can I disable it permanently…and what is the benefit of this option to stay one locked window on screen for uploading file for example.

Thanks for your support.

There is a checkbox in File menu “Always on top”. Deselect it. The benefit is for some people who want a chat window or roster window to always stay on top, so it doesn’t get covered by other programs and it is easier to quickly access the chat or contacts. Say for helpdesk or call centers when they usually just chat with customers all day.