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Chat Window User Info Customization

At the top of the chat window, it displays the person’s name, title, and email address.

I’ve modified the ldap-to-vcard mapping XML in our DB to pull all the correct info from AD. Works perfectly.

What I’d like to do is display the person’s phone extension, maybe next to their title or something.

If you click on the profile button, you can see it, but I’d like to be able to just see it at the top whenever I’m chatting with someone.

Is this something relatively easy to do? Do I need to modify source code? I’m not a developer, I’m a system admin, so… help!

yes, this would require source code modification and then to compile your own version. currently spark “cherry picks” data from teh vcard to display there.

i know you are integrated with AD, so it may not work, but am easy possibility would be to have your usernames have the extension built in… like the image below.