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Chat without adding to contact list


Is it possible to allow users to chat with each other without adding them to contact list ? also how can users be grouped ?



Hey krishnan,

In XMPP the concept of having people in your roster and tracking their presences are two different concepts. However, most of the clients, if not all, will automatically subscribe to the presence of each user you add to your roster. Anyway, it’s totally valid and feasible to chat with users that are not in your roster or with users that are in your roster and you are not tracking his presence (or vice versa).

Some clients will offer a menu option to start a new conversation. A new window will open and ask you to specify the JID (i.e. address/handler) of the user you want to talk to.


– Gato

You begin a chat with somebody not in your roster by using the search function of spark. The user will show in the results, and you just need to right click and choose chat.

You can group user on the server side or the client side or both. On the server admin side you can create groups under the Users/Groups tab. Then you share those groups, which will make them appear in all rosters. In the Spark client the option to create groups is under the contacts menu.

Further you can avoid the approval process involved with adding users to your roster by installing the Subscription plugin on the server and configuring it to accept all subscription requests.

thanks for the replies. If i need to show presence of users belonging to one group how can this be done ? Will i be able to search user based on a group ?