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Chatbox won`t close Windows 10

Hi There. we are using spark on windows 10, when are finished the chatbox window will not close seems to freeze. Then we have to restart spark. Bit baffled any ideas what maybe causing it.

Which Spark and Windows 10 versions? Also using Spark with built-in java or installed separate variant?

Yes it happened with me as well. But i usually wait for about 5 seconds and spark loads all the mucs i’m involved in and then you can close it.

Hi guys, would have come back earlier as always that thing called work gets in the way.
I think i have sussed what the issue may have been.
we uninstalled spark,delete all the files / folders. then reinstalled it worked with no issue, could close chat window.
Then added webrtc for spark plugin to it. chat window would then not close.
deactivated the plugin and hey presto we could close the chat window.
But now no webrtc plugin available unfortunately.
someone may want to have a look at the issue.

What is this webrtc plugin and where did you get it from? Btw, we still need versions of Spark and Windows 10.