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When using google talk, if I initiate a conversation with an application written using smack I receive the following smack error

NullPointerException: null keys are not allowed at AbstractReferenceMap.put(AbstractRefererenceMap.java:249)
at ChatManager.createChat(ChatManager.java:159)
at ChatManager.createChat(ChatManager.java:173)
at ChatManager.access(ChatManager.java:42)

I tested it with another xmpp app and did not receive the error. Is this due to Google doing thing slightly differently to other XMPP IM apps??

I have created an issue for this:


The fix will be available in the next beta.



I am using Smack version 3.0.2 and I am still seeing this. Is there a workaround in the interim? I am doing something like this to send messages:

this.pendingMessages = new LinkedList<Message>();
timer.scheduleAtFixedRate(new TimerTask() {<br />
  public void run() {<br/>
    sendAllMessages(); // iterates over pendingMessages, calling createChat() <br/>
}, 10 * 1000, 1 * 1000);