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Check if an added account is valid ( at least on own server)

Hi to everyone,

since i have a problem with subscription ( as described here> http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/35403?tstart=0 ) i now have the following situation: when I add alice@server.net the roster entry is on pending until alice goes online.

But when I add ailce@server.net (so it’s an not excistent account) i get no warning that this account is not valid at all and will wait until forever because Ii think it 's just pending and waiting for alice to get online.

So is there any possibility for openfire to check if the account exsits and let Spark give a warning (I don’t know where exactly where the problem is but I guess it is at openfire)

Since I have no S2S it would be enough to check it on the own server.

Anyone an idea???

Best regards,