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Chinese Translation

we are translating the spark to chinese, but how to include it in the installer??

Wow, that’'s awesome news :). Whenver you can, please send off your translated file to me directly (derek@jivesoftware.com). It will then be coming out in the next release.

Thank You,


I am also interested in a Chinese translation of spark. Are you doing traditional or simplified?


My understanding is that you can send the translated properties file to Derek and he’'ll include it in future installer builds.

I have translated the file “spark_i18n.properties” to “spark_i18n_zh_TW.properties” ( Chinese Traditional )

by the way, for the spark 2.5.1 , it seems that the spark_i18n.properties is not the latest version and some labels are still missing, e.g. Spark->Plugin, Help->View Logs, Spark->Setting->File Transfer etc.