Cisco Call-Manager SIP integration

I have been working on integrating eh Spark client with our Callmanager server for only the convenience to see weather users are on the phone or off the phone…i.e. onhook/offhook status for users. We dont have any current SIP realms configured for any communications currently. the last few days I have created a sip realm or testing. Whenever I try to connect I get an error message saying the username/password are incorrect, from the Spark management interface - TEST button. interestingly enough our local callmanager express sits in a “reistering” state whereas the full blown callmanager installation doesnt even get that far. I have some error logs i will be attaching shortly from the sark admin server. I can verify basic conenctivity over tcp-5060.

Thank you

I have tried moving these settings around, but nothing seems to result in connectivity. Has anyone been sucessful with configuring these settings?

Log files to follow

SIP realm configured on Callmanager

User Management > SIP Realm



Digest Credentials: Safe4me! -example - will change

Sip user config on Openfire Admin

server > phone > update SIP phone mappings

SIP Username:Zap

Authorization Username:CS9

Display Phone Number:9409


Server:10...11 - Callmanager server ip

Outboung Proxy: N/A???

Voice Mail Number: 9409

Prompt User for Credentials: No

Enabeled: YES