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Cisco JTAPI lib......PLEASE!


Next is to work with Alcatel…


As I have an Alcatel system over here I would be happy to test your work if you wish!




I’m very interested on getting this to work as well, can you help with some directions on how you got it to work??Even if it just high level stuff or maybe share some of your code.

I PM you my email address, can you contact me?


BTW: I have setup the Cisco presence server with their personal communicator and I think openfire is way ahead of it and a better product, if we can just get some integration with other applications out there then it’d be the one presence server to rule them all.

Hi all,

my name is Franz. I am writing my diploma thesis and I have some trouble to get the Cisco JTAPI working.

At first I tried to get the cisco example “makecall” to work and I got it to work.

After that I tried to write my own class called “simplecall”.

It just should make a 2 party call.

But I always get the “Address is out of service” Error.

So I decided to take a deeper look at the source code of the cisco example.

I put everything together compiled and run it.

I tried to follow the logic of this example but I dont realy understand what cisco does.

The cisco example is a bit complex because there is much tracing inside which reports many events which are collectet by some attached observers.

But at the beginning I will try to keep it as simple as possible (without any observer if possible).

I debuged my “simplecall” and everything seems to work well:

  • I get the peer {=DefaultJtapiPeer}

  • I get the connection to the provider from the peer {=(P1-Admin)}

  • I get the address from the provider by commiting the phone number of my phone (after that the mac address of the phone is available) {=1234}

  • I get the terminals from the address {=[SEP001E7A25D0A1]}

  • I select terminal[0] from the terminals {=SEP001E7A25D0A1}

  • I get a call from the provider {=(P1-Admin) GCID=(1,9104)->IDLE}

but if I invoke the call.connect (with the source address, the source terminal and the destination address) I always get the error mentioned above.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

If you can’t help me at this point it would be nice to tell me some addresses where to find more information about this topic if you know some.

Sincerely Franz

PS: If you want me to post the souce code of my class I will post it inside my next post.


Just curious: Any news on this topic?


Hello Greg,

did you make any progress with your Cisco jtapi plugin ?

Is there already some code availabe to download and test ?

I really like the idea to have presence status change depending

on line status.

kind regards