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Clarification - Spark is running in secure mode

Greetings. I am somewhat of a newb to Openfire. I would like some clarification on the security of Openfire Server with Spark IM Client. Any feedback is appreciated.

I setup a Openfire Server in the Amazon EC2 Cloud and assigned it an elastic IP Address.

Under Server Settings, Client Connection Security is set as TLS Method: **Required. **

The client we are using to connect to this server is Spark 2.6.3, and I see that the lock in the bottom right corner says “Spark is running in secure mode” using port 5222 to connect.

Question: With the server security setup as it is, does “Spark running in secure mode” mean that the client to server communication is in fact Secure via TLS?

Well I’m glad you got the same message I had my certificates installed and could not figure why it says that the secure port was 5223 if it is just going to use 5222 the whole time and later I found out that it secures both ports if the certificate is installed correctly.

Answering to both questions: yes, the lock icon means that client to server communication is encrypted; yes it will encrypt 5222 port connection; 5223 is obsolete and shouldn’t be used.

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My Spark client version 2.8.3, if we activate mode Message Encryption on the top right with lock icons, meaning both communication from/to and flowing it through server is secured? and is it safe?

As i’ve already told on your own thread that lock button is for encryption between clients, so messages couldn’t be read on the server by admins.

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Well, thanks for your great explanation. Very helpful.