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Dear Team,

I have deployed Openfire and Spark IM Client on windows platform.Please advise on below questions

1]I need to know how do we keep the chat history in the server and where will it be stored in the server

2]If the server crashes how will i recover the user profiles and restore to a new server

3]How do i disable the filetransfer option from openfire or spark,also can i restrict the file size limitation in the server

4] What reqular administration activity needs to takancare

5] I had opted for embeded database while installing ,while this have an imapct on perforamce or what is the disadvantages in embeded DB.Why is DB used?

Thanks & Regards,

Saravanan R
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Dear Team,

Requesting to kindly reply to my queries.

Saravanan R

  1. Monitoring plugin

  2. Use LDAP, or external DB that you backup so you can restore from it in event of catastrophic failure.

  3. Don’t know if there is server option for this or not. Not sure this is possible since file transfers are typically client to client, unless they are done in band. I guess you could put a packet interceptor in a plugin to disable the requests (there is already a beta version from 2007 - can’t say whether it works of not).

  4. Don’t really know what you are aksing here.

  5. Do not use the embedded db for a production environment. You cannot run backups or do any kind of DB administation while Openfire is running.