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Classifying an Authentication Error


I got a JS application using the XIFF for communicating with various external messengers (MSN, YAHOO, AIM, etc) via Jabber server.

I have few problems with this that I haven’t been able to resolve:

  1. When I login to MSN with the wrong password I get an “Authentication Error”.

The code is in XMPPConnection.as line #932:

dispatchError(“Authentication Error”, “”, “”, 401);

My error handler is getting called with this, BUT how do I know it is the MSN login attempt that failed?

What if I ran two login requests at the same time?

How can I distinguish between them?

  1. Before I do any login, the network is quiet, no packets are going between my client and the Jabber server.

After I do the failed login (step 1 above), I keep getting notifications such as Presence and roster: userUnavailable, etc.

I don’t want those events as it is useless, the login did not succeed, why do I have to deal with it?

It is just causing traffic noise.

How do I turn this OFF ???

Many thanks

Ofer Bar