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Clean message history

Hi all,

in the chat windows, if I right click and press “Clear”, Spark cleans all texts.

When I receive a message, the text I clear magically re-appears.

I know that in the preferences I can disable chat history, but this isn’‘t a good option, because Spark clears history immediately, so it’’ more difficult to understand the discussion…

Is there the possibility to clear chat history without having to disable it completely, and without having to manually delete xml files in my profile folder?



do you keep the window open?

Or do you have the problem that the messages re-appear if you receive a message and the chat window is opened again? So one could discuss whether this is a bug or not, but deleting could indeed delete the …_current.xml file - the history will not be lost.



this is what I do:

  • open a chat window and chat with a user

  • other user answer me, and I see full discussion

  • I clear the chat window using right click and “clear” function;

  • chat window is empty, and I close it

  • if I open chat window or I receive a message from the user, I can see full discussion

The only way to clear history is to use the preference that disable history.