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Clicking Spark 2.6.3 from taskbar did not show

Hi everyone,

Pls help me regarding this problem. I am using Win7 32bit…

Once I log-in my spark account, the spark main menu will hide on the task bar but when I click it from the taskbar it will not show up. When someone message me, only the message box will show on my desktop.


I also Have same issue with 3 of my client PC Win 7 x 64. Help.

You can try temporarily renaming Spark’s profile folder and starting with a fresh one to see if that helps


Hi Wroot, thank you very much for your reply. however I already tried that. i completely deleted the spark profile in c:\user\username\appsdata\roaming. I also uninstall ans reinstall spark. but it will only work for one day and the next day it will do same thing.Spark will log in but the main window where all the contacts are listed does not open, it jsut reain on the taskbar but after clicking it is not doing anything. the only time i can type a message is when someone send me a message,

Well, i have recently deployed Spark to 200 PC’s with Vista or Win7 32-bit and haven’t seen such problem yet (though i’ve seen other problems). Maybe some other software interferes, maybe antivirus scans and deletes something from Spark installation folder or profile folder.

Hi Wr00t, thanks for your reply. it is really strange, i have over 100 users and only one user has this issue.

i check our quarantined files but did not find anything. right now I uninstalled and reinstalled it again and deleted the profile in appsdata. and also i deleted HKCU>Software>ej-technologies and rebooted the PC. spark started to work and hope it will solve the issue.

i’ve found that sometimes killing the old profile from AppData will solve a lot of strange behavior.