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Client and Server Compression?

So. Finally. I have moved to Wildfire (2.4.3) Havent yet noticed if it’‘s really faster than JM, but it works at least It seems that this server should handle 40 more users so i’‘m concerned about performance. This is the main reason i’‘ve upgraded for. But the question is about Compression Settings menu that i’‘ve found in Admin Console. I didnt remember any mentioning about that feature. So can somebody explain or point me about this. What’'s the purpose of this?

Hola wroot,

Stream compression will compress network traffic. It has been observed a reduction between 60% and 90% of the trasmited data size. As you may realized, stream compression requires more CPU processing both on the server and the client to compress and uncompress the data.

Therefore, compression is recommended when the network link is not very fast (iow, it’‘s expensive to transmit data). For servers with high stress load enabling compression may generate a performance impact since the server may have to spend some time doing compression/uncompression. I haven’‘t profiled any server with high load and stream compression but that’'s my guess. I cannot provide you with any statistic about the performance impact since I never profiled such case.

Hope that helps.


– Gato


there is JM-514 (Add support for s2s compression) which is in my opinion a very good thing, especially if the servers are connected with a slow connection.

I have no idea about c2s compression, it seems that the server must unzip the packet if it is zipped to extract the destination and then either send the original packet or the unzipped version. This could become a performance bottleneck.


OK. As this is a local intranet server i’'ll stick with uncompressed method. Somehow i though it may speed up performance by reducing amount of transmited data. But of course this is not the case in our deployment, network is fast enough. Though clients are good, but the server is only with 500Mhz. Shall do no pressure to it