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Client complains about muc history messages


Openfire 4.1.1 with embedded database

Some rooms with history, this history contains messages which have next to a body also an form-data in the message.

A xmpp Client based on Smack-4.2.0-rc3

Openfire has been restarted

When joining this rooms, after a restart of the server, the clients logs errors about incorrect XMPP stanza elements : : Parsing form type failed because ‘type’ is a mandatory attribute of the form element.

the client receives the following (incorrect) message

…some deleted text…

When I look in the openfire.script database file, I can see the original message in the stanza field of the OFMUCCONVERSATIONLOG table, with a proper form :




,’…some deleted text… ’

,’\u000a\u000a some deleted text\u000a \u000a \u000a casrep 2\u000a … \u000a’


It looks like Openfire is not properly interpreting this xml in the stanza field.