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Client Control plugin 2.1.7 released

The Ignite Realtime community is happy to announce the immediate release of version 2.1.7 of the Client Control plugin for Openfire!

This update adds an option to disable all plugins in Spark. You need Spark 2.9.4 or newer for this option to work.

Your instance of Openfire should automatically display the availability of the update in the next few hours. Alternatively, you can download the new release of the plugin at the Client Control plugin archive page

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Just installed this on my test server and running the 3.0.0 beta of Spark. Working flawlessly so far. Going to try it with 2.9.4 Client later, but so far it is working great for 3.0.0

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Yeap, thank you! I tested this with Spark 2.9.4 and Spark 3.0.0, it should work. :slight_smile:

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