Client Control Plugin Error and Requirement for install

Requirement for Install: Before installing the new Client Control Plugin you must remove Spark Manager Plugin and it folder from the server. If both are not removed from the server the plugin will not load correctly.

Bug: The plugin is missing the graphics for spark clients versions (windows, mac, nix). I have included them below. Copy them to the plugins folder at this path: Openfire\plugins\clientcontrol\web\images

And what if I did not see this yet and installed client control over spark manager plugin?

The presence of spark manager on my server made it so Client Control did not load. The folder is created but it did not show on the plugin page of the admin panel, nor was it available anywhere in the admin interface.

OK, different than what happened to me.

I loaded the client control with spark manager installed, and both were present and working. I even tested the client control with spark and saw the results. It is useless to have both though.

What OS is your server running on. My tests were done on Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP boxes.

Server is Ubuntu server, and test client is WinXP Pro. Latest builds of Openfire and Spark.