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Client Control Plugin Request

I would really like it if there were more Mobile Clients added to the Permitted Clients page. I know there is the box to add custom clients, but with absolutely 0 documentation on what to enter in the box, I can’t see to get it to work.

I have tested this with Yaxim, and Astrachat. I added both to the list, but when when the option to only allow selected clients, the added clients get a message from the server saying their client is acceptable, and are then disconnected. Either some more documentation is needed or some updates be added.
We use Openfire in a Cloud environment on the internet for our company that has several locations and and many people that work on the road. That’s why we went cloud based. It is secured and encrypted, but I would still like to lock it down as much as possible by requiring specific client/clients.
I just can’t seem to add any specific clients to the list myself. Xabber is in the list, but doesn’t work correctly on some Samsung devices, Note 20 is specifically one that our company supplies to many employees. Yaxim works great on everything I have test. I don’t have any Apple devices to test, but some clients for Apple would probably be a good idea too, though I think there are already a couple in the list.

This feature is a remnant from days when this was part of commercial Enterprise version of Openfire (long defunct) and was called Spark Manager. Later the company behind Openfire open sourced it, but there was no documentation, only the code. There were no interest or development effort in Permitted Clients (or Spark Versions and Spark Download) since then. This community is volunteers driven and there are not that many developers. Mostly Client Features part gets attention and occasional contributions. Also, we don’t get that many requests about Permitted Clients or other two obsolete sections, so it seems not so popular and in my opinion we probably can remove these completely as there are many more issues with them and it seems unlikely that anyone will be working on them ever. Permitted Client section is also problematic as it can brake easily if clients change something with updates or platforms change how they present information (Android, iOS, vendors). So this might require frequent fixes. Unless someone finds a developer wanting to devote time to updating this feature or donates money, i don’t think this will ever be addressed. And given the problem with client/platforms updates, it might be a wasteful investment.

Thanks for the reply.

When we were running within our private network, outside users weren’t an issue. Now that Openfire is running in the cloud, it is a potential threat. I’ll just have to figure something else out to lock it down a little more. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the information.

By outside users you mean your users or complete strangers? Is your server open for public and anyone can create an account? In such case malicious users can easily circumvent Permitted Clients control and modify their clients to present itself like Xabber or Yaxim. Also, i don’t see how locking down which client can be used is reducing the threat in such scenario. Malicious users will use permitted client to do their nefarious stuff :slight_smile: