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Client Control Plugin - Start a Chat Restriction


Happy to be with the community.

I’ll fire up to my concern.

Thank you for the Client Control plugin, I can manage the restrictions to some users. However, there’s a bit of a problem with the “Start a chat” menu on Spark 2.8.3.

When I click the start a chat menu, I can type in the Jabber ID of the user and allow to chat to that user even if the user does not belong to that Group/Department.

Is it possible to add this feature to the next version of Client Control Plugin?

Start a Chat (Spark Only) Enable Disable

I hope this feature will be on the next release of the plugin.

Thank you very much.

Have a great day!

I have filed feature request. But not sure when it could be implemented and can’t say when new version of Spark will be released. Meanwhile you can use Packet Filter plugin to control who can speak to whom.

[OF-1354] Add option to Client Control plugin to disable Start a chat in Spark - IgniteRealtime JIRA

[SPARK-1946] Add option to disable Start a chat via Client Control - IgniteRealtime JIRA

Thank you very much for replying.

We will just wait for that feature.

The Packet Filter plugin works great, but it also need to add a feature like the following:

  • A Checkbox to select which users to Pass/Drop/Reject messages [Can select multiple users to filter]

  • Two Way [Message Send/Receive] Pass/Drop/Reject filtering.

This feature may save time to configure especially if there are lots of users/groups that does not allowed to chat to one another.

Again, Thank you very much

Just wanted to inform you that i have implemented this today. It should be available in Client Control 2.1.3 (should be uploaded soon) and it will work with Spark 2.9.0. Not sure when 2.9.0 will be released. Still a few bugs need to be fixed.

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Hi wroot

oh wow!! Thank you so much for this.

I might wait for the 2.9.0 release before using the latest client control.

Again, thank you