Client Control plugin - suggestions/requests

After spending awhile searching the forums I haven’t found this issue discussed and so I want to bring it here as this seems the natural location. Please point me to another thread if a better one applies.

With the latest Openfire 3.6.0 and Client Control 1.0.3 - I am continuing to observe a very annoying upgrade notification loop. I use the Openfire Admin Console to upload a new version of Spark 2.6.0 Beta2 and check the radio button so that it is the version I want distributed. There are no other Spark versions uploaded. At the workstation when Spark first runs (v 2.6.0Beta1), the update is advertised and the process for upgrading takes place successfully. This is all good and expected so far. Now once the new client starts up, the advertisement for upgrade reappears though the version isn’t newer than what is installed. This same looping advertisement continues at very Spark startup even though the version is the latest and matches the version being distributed. In earlier versions of Spark I don’t remember this being a problem. What is causing this? Is there a fix/workaround? For now I’ve had to disable the Client Control distribution but would like to see it working as designed.

TIA - Dale