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Client Control Plugin - Update Spark

I have a feature request for the developers of this plugin. When uploading a new version of spark, my older installed version of spark will not recognize update until I delete the old version, so I have to login to terminal and manually go to directory and delete. No biggie, just a little extra steps. It would be nice to either automatically delete older version when new file updated or an easy way in interface to delete. I appreciate the plugin, it is a good one …

This was filed by me a while ago [OF-265] Should be a way to delete/disable current Spark version in Admin Console - IgniteRealtime JIRA

Although it seems that Spark can’t find updates on the server at all, so no point of doing this until this is fixed: [SPARK-1851] Can’t find new version provided by Client Control plugin - IgniteRealtime JIRA

But there are no active experienced developers working on Spark.

I appreciate the info … If I could program better than I do, I would volunteer to work on it, but is above my paygrade.

I shall wait patiently …