Client Login Fails but Admin Console Works [wildfire 3.0.0]

Just upgraded to 3.0.0. I have LDAP enabled and everything, from the administration side of things, seems to be working. The server starts up and I can log into the administrative console and see all the valid user names. However, when I try to actually connect a client, it fails.

Checking my logs, the only error I get is this:

2006.07.03 12:13:34 User tried to authenticate with this server using an unknown receipient:

Of note: I only get that log entry when I use Psi. Pandion flat out fails.

I think I’‘ve found something, though no solution yet. First, I can[/i] login using Spark. Unfortunately, I don’'t have the option of deploying this network wide. When I turn debugging on and try to login using Pandion, I get this exception in my debug log:

2006.07.03 12:47:05 Starting LDAP search…

2006.07.03 12:47:05 … search finished

2006.07.03 12:47:05 User DN based on username ‘‘my_username@’’ not found.

2006.07.03 12:47:05 Exception thrown when searching for userDN based on username ‘‘my_username@’’

org.jivesoftware.wildfire.user.UserNotFoundException: Username my_username@ not found

Shouldn’'t it be searching simply for ‘‘my_username’’?

Hey mankyd,

I would say that there is a setup problem. Make sure that clients are connecting to the user using the proper server name. So if your server name is (as configured during Wildfire setup) then clients should connect to the server using and not its ip address of loopback address. There is a related kb document[/url] that may also shed some light.

Let us know how it goes.


– Gato

Ah, I had the domain set incorrectly (wasn’‘t the loop back but wasn’'t correct either.) Stupid mistake. Thanks!