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Client Management


The spark version management feature is trying to send out 2.5 Beta 4 to users but is set to 2.5.0.

Theres multiple versions of spark in the dir - 2.0.8 though 2.5, and it was set to 2.5 Beta 4 before 2.5.0 was released; but it doesn’'t seem to have registered the change - i.e. it sends out Beta 4 still.

2.5 Beta 4 Windows client sent

but the system properties page all has 2.5.0 set (spark.linux.client / spark.mac.client / spark.windows.client) and give correct file names for 2.5.0, and spark.client.downloadURL is set to https://www.secureim.co.uk:9091/plugins/enterprise so all looks good?

Any thoughts / anyone else seen this?



Hi Ian,

Thanks for reporting this bug. It is filed as SPARK-673.