Client rosters not updating - regardless of client

I’'m not sure why this is happening…

I’'m running Wildfire 2.6.1 (was 2.5.1), majority of my clients are Spark users (some are still using either eXodus or Psi).

What I’'m noticing is that as users sign into the system, the rosters do not update. If I shut Spark down totally and restart the roster will display its most recent list. This is also true for users of eXodus & Psi.

I had noticed this problem when I was running 2.5.1. At that time, I couldn’'t tell if it was a Spark problem or a Wildfire issue.

Any ideas what could be happening?

Is it possible that you’'re running into the problem discussed in

Basically, are you using LDAP based groups (LdapGroupProvider)?

Nope. No LDAP. All user accounts are created by hand & stored in a MySQL database.

(God, I’'d KILL for LDAP or AD. My boss is prohibiting it)

My memory is fuzzy on when I started seeing the bug. For the longest time we were running Jive Messenger 2.3 (I think it was). I think we saw it when we upgraded to 2.5.1 (I could be totally wrong).

Anything I could give you give to help?

I belive it is a bug in the way groups are being managed within Wildfire. Look for a later dated post from me for the details.

Posted my answer in a different thread.