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Client session issues after upgrading from 4.1.6 to 4.2.3


I have a quite simple setup, Openfire running on Debian 8, clients on Windows 10, most with Gajim. No LDAP, MySQL backend on the same Debian 8 server, users on the same LAN.

A few weeks ago I finally opgraded from 4.1.6 to 4.2.3, and it all seemed well but for some session issues we didn’t have before:

1 - If a user lost connection or restarted the computer, upon reconnect, the user would show as 2 connections for other users. One new connection added for each restart.

2 - User clients would often go automatically Offline (showing that both on their client and on other users rosters), and only show as connected if the user manually changed the status, or sent a message.

I tried to fiddle with the Idle Connection Policy (which was, as in 4.1.6 set to Disconnect clients after they have been idle for 14400s and Send an XMPP Ping request to idle clients.) with no success.

So after many user complaints I reverted to 4.1.6 (yesterday), and the issues stopped.

Is there any new setting I should try on 4.2.3 that could be related to this?


Sounds like https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/OF-1497
You can try setting stream.management.active system property to false (create new property). It should be fixed for 4.3.0, so don’t forget to revert this setting after the update in the future.

Thank you!

I’m going to wait for 4.3.0, as I have already downgraded to 4.1.6.

Have a nice weekend!