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Client Sessions Column Chooser

We currently have the Resource as the desktop name, selecting “Hostname as Resource” under Client Management. When we go to Client Sessions in Openfire it would be nice to also have a column for Version of client, since that info is there when we click into the session.

I have created a ticket https://igniterealtime.atlassian.net/browse/OF-2192
Not sure if anyone will be interested implementing it.

Thanks for at least acknowledging! :smiley:
Worth a shot.

I’ve taken a look at this, but unsure what we’d want to display in here.

Values available for Spark are: “Spark (Smack 4.3.4 (4.3.4-4.3 2019-05-27))” or “2.9.4”.
The latter feels most useful, but without the “Spark” bit, it’s kinda useless.

The inVerse plugin doesn’t present software info at all from converse.js

With just the latter, it looks like this:

I think this addition will be mostly beneficial to admins running one client, so they can quickly see what versions are in use. And it is easier to filter with just version. Maybe for now we can do just version.

Maybe we can add another column for client’s name. And maybe we can tweak what Spark returns as a client string. But i don’t want to clutter sessions page too much. This is still a plus to see version without having to resort to setting everyone’s resource to show version with Client Control plugin.

And thanks for looking into this!

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Good shout. Thanks for the rapid feedback!
I’ll fix up that null, and finish the PR.