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Client Sessions page display

Is it possible to display a web page of the client sessions I see in the admin console?

I’ve setup a Sharepoint site for my company I would like to be able to embed in that site all the active Openfire session of users that are currently logged in and active.

Is it possible to display the active sessions somehow via a web page without requiring admin credentials?

You can use the ‘Online Users Service’ plugin to get either a plain text or JSON formatted list of logged in users (bare JIDs, not resources). Perhaps you can parse it and embed it in your page?

Admin credentials are not required to access the data - Read the plugin readme as to how to permit that.

I’m still using 3.7.1. Is that plugin available for that version?

I looked at the available plugins from the plugin section and did not see that plugin.

Take a look at this thread

I followed the github link from that thread and it looks as if it no longer exist.

Found it after further searching on github.