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Client size

I am currently deploying Spark on Citrix. My problem is that each session takes up about 32MB per terminal session. This means my server will require >1GB just for Spark. The Exodus client takes up only 6MB but is not as rich functionally in some areas. Could a lightweight client be produced? I think Spark would really take off if such a client were available

This is an issue that is going to be addressed in version 1.1.1.



no, this is Java and so there is no option to reduce it. You can limit the memory usage to 26 MB (10 MB PermSize + 16 MB heap) with the risk of OutOfMemorys.

Also with a 2.0 version Spark will 26 MB memory or more as long as it is a java application.

Caleb’'s link points to a very interesting issue, but changing the memory footprint which is shown by the taskmanger is easy: Minimize the application an it shows 1 MB, maximize it and it will show 30 MB again. I wonder why people trust the taskmanger blindly, you can use any profiler to see that it is using 30 MB every time. But while minimized windows seems to be able to swap it do disk, and it does this after a few minutes. Very evil if Spark is in the TNA and you want to open Spark fast.