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Client use more than 10 seconds to login, it''s normally?

I use Pandion or Spark on LAN to login openfire server, It’'s always taking more than 10 seconds to complete login server, It seems too long.

Hey adun,

While using Pandion could you press F12 before logging in? Let me know where do you see the delay (ie. after which XML packet was sent to the server? BTW, which backend are you using for authentication?


– Gato

over there is the information. I have seen that there is a long time between "EVNT: Connecting to "and "SENT: <?xml version="1.0"?>", When goto send xml, It’'s quickly. Any idea?

console text:

EVNT: Connecting to


EVNT: HTTPEngine listening at port 1411

EVNT: Disconnected