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Clients cannot add/invite buddies

Hi, just installed Jive, and it looks great. I have all the functionality working now, except that I cannot get my users to add/invite other users to be their buddies.

Using a Gaim client, it just shows the message on the same machine. Using an Exodus client, the buddy it added to the list in a pending state, but nothing happens.

My users where created within the relevant client and are called Mark and Paul.

I am using Jive Messenger 2.1.5.

I can send message to the cliens, as a session message, and I have created a chat room in which both clients have talked. I just can’'t get the clien to add each other to the list of buddies.

Any one have any ideas on this. I does seem to be a very fundemental part of the server functionality.

I am on Fedora Core 4, using MySQL as the database.



Hi Mark,

This functionality is definitely supported. What is sometimes very confusing is trying to use the same client for two different users. It should be easier to test if you use PSI for one account and use Gaim to register the other account.

Once you have registered, use Gaim to add the other user as a contact and you will get the authorisation request on the PSI client.

Bear in mind that the clients are quite different and may not pop up windows as you might expect.

Hope that helps somewhat,


Thanks for the reply.

I’'m using Gaim on one machine and Exodus on another machine. I am familiar with the operation of both clients.

As I said when using gaim to try and invite a buddy, the request will pop-up on the same machine that gaim is running on. Exodus on the other hand, does nothing more than add a pending request to the list of buddies.

Neither client seems to receive the request from the other.



Exodus has a debug feature (press F12). Can you trigger an invite, try to accept it and then capture the debug output so that we can see what is going on at the protocol level?



Matt, thanks the for response.

mark, is on another computer running gaim. Exodus is now showing a group called friends, with a member called mark that is pending.

This looks like it might be a domain mis-match issue. You sent a request to “mark@dev-chat-1” but the server thinks the server name is “dev-chat-1.cmc.local” according to the reply. What is your server name configured to be in Jive Messenger? Make sure you use that exact domain when adding buddies.