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Clients cant see eachother..HELP!?!?

My company is looking for a new centralized IM solution and we agreed to give the jabber platform a try. I got Jive Messenger 2.2.2 installed and setup to query AD/LDAP and yank in all my user accounts.

Here’'s the problem:

I’‘ve had a few test users install Exodus, when they add contacts from within the network they appear as Offline (Pending). When I check the server console I can see they’'re online an authenticated.

How come they cant see eachother?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Purist,

This is a common source of confusion. When your users add contacts they need to enter the entire user JID, i.e. @[example.com]. Have your users give that a try and let me know if that clears up the problem.



With Exodus, when I just type in the username, i.e. domain account name, Exodus populates the @domain.com for me, so when I add user ‘‘chris’’ it finishes chris@domain.com

Does that make sense?

At my office, since I only have around 25 users, I simply added every user to a global “company” group and left “Show group in all users’’ rosters” selected. That way they all can see each other without dealing with usernames. Much neater for a small business.

I also started with the Exodus client, but moved on to the Pandion client (www.pandion.be) which feels a lot better for my users.

Just for giggles I downloaded the Pandion client, it looks nice but I cant even get connected with it, cant find a server, there’'s also no ability to manually set a server either. Is there something I need to do to have it discover properly from the server side? This may also be related to my connectivity issue.

You set the server when you enter your address. For example, if your server is at, and your username is “Purist”, you would be "purist@".

That worked for connectivity purposes, but when I try to add a user and go to look at that user it says ‘‘Awaiting Authorization’’ and the other user got no request from my client.

Got it fixed.

Turns out I needed to mess with the groups to show visibility.

Hi your idea have resolved my problem.

Thanks a ton.