Clients kicked out of group chat room

Can’‘t figure this out for the life of me. In a chat session with about 40 people, some users (around 25%) will get booted from the chat room. They log in and get booted right back out. Happens with both Pandion and Exodus clients. One of the users was on a local network with the server (100MBps). At one point, 8 or 9 users were booted simultaneously. One user could not maintain a connection, kept trying to get back in and getting booted. Most of the others were able to get back in, but some were kicked out again after a while. This was during a 90 minute chat and they were the only ones using the server (it’'s behind a firewall and not open to other Jabber servers or open registration).

Has anyone see this kind of behavior?

We’'re running Wildfire 3.1.1 as the only application on a Windows Server 2003 PC with 1GB RAM. I upgraded the JVM to 1.6.0, using internal Wildfire DB, and increased memory allocation using vmoptions to -Xms256m -Xmx512m. There are no indications in the Wildfire logs or Windows Events logs as to why this is going on.

People I have talked to who had the problems were running Win XP Home or Pro with Pandion, and tried Exodus when they had problems in Pandion.

Hey Mitch,

Is the connection between the client and the server getting lost or just the user being kicked out from the room? Do you see any error in the log files? Could you post the exchanged XML between the client and the server (grab this info from the console debugger of your client)?


– Gato

There is nothing in the server log files (either Wildfire logs or Windows Application, System, or Security event logs).

I don’‘t have anything from any clients since these were non-technical remote users, and I haven’‘t seen the problem myself. In most cases, the person doesn’'t even send anything… they sign on, and get kicked right off. Or it just kicks one or more off in the middle of the conversation.

Thanks for thinking about it, aprreciate any ideas.