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Clients that use the inband transfer

So far, I have only been able to use Spark to use the file transfer. I am sure the other clients can use file transfer within the Lan. But for people using NAT, the other clients just don’'t work. Spark works I believe because the inband file transfer. MY question is this, are there any other clients that support this? I really like Spark, but some other clients have a couple of more features that I like.

Spark adds a couple of enhancements to help facilitate smooth transfers. Maybe you should be asking that the features you like in these other clients be added to Spark! So, which are they and what are the desired features of them?



I would like to use PSI. PSI has a ton of options, too many to list. I guess the things I would like most are Toaster popups when a message arrives and a popup when a user comes online. Also, I would like to send a message to someone with out having the chat window stay open. So there would be an extra option to send a message along with send a chat. I also noticed PSI has the ability to set the time llimits of when you are away and offline. There is just so many features in other programs. Spark is a very good basic chat program. It does one important thing, it can transfer files no matter what. So until other programs make the file transfer just work like Spark does I will have to stay with Spark. Would just like to have a few more options. I do know the presence popup is being worked on. I wish I had time to learn how to code. I am sure over time Spark will catch up with features though.

Hi KevCard,

Well, of course we want you to be “SUPER” happy with Spark, so the question really is, what features exactly. From your message, I see the following:

  1. Toaster Popups - This has already been developed as the SparkWords plugin.

  2. Send a message without opening a chat window.

  3. Set time limitis of away? Is this the time before setting yourself to away? If so, this already possible in the preferences section of Spark.

What else



Don’'t get me wrong, I like Spark. Its the ONLY client I install because it works with the file transfer no matter where the client is. Wildfire and Spark are a great combination. Just giving a wish list in the future. Would like to see Wildfire and Spark as the only Server and client you would ever need and ever want.

Yes, I noticed the time idle settings in Spark. There are additional seetings for offline and Not available as well as messages to correspond with your status in PSI.

The toaster popups I am refering to is when a user comes online, not just a message. But like I said before I believe Tim is working on that currently and will post a new SparkWords when he has the time.

I guess the real reason of this post was to find out if Spark is the only client that supports In Band file transfers. Thats all…

The only other client that I have seen that uses IBB, the one which we tested against when initially writing IBB was Jeti, which is a Java applet client. I know JBother, which is based on smack but implemented their own file transfer, also supports it but I haven’'t had a chance to test it against Spark.

Spark does some special things on the back end which helps to improve its file transfer reliability. We have submitted these changes as suggestions back to the Jabber Software Foundation but haven’‘t recieved much response back from them. So, I don’‘t think it is just as a result of IBB that you are seeing these improvements so don’'t chalk it up to just that.



I don’'t think Coccinella ( http://hem.fyristorg.com/matben/ ) supports that feature, but I know that the author do handle wishes very well. So, maybe you can send him an email with your request and wait.