Clients unable to authenticate with openfire in plain or tls

I have openfire setup and running on an SELinux with policies written to allow access to openfire, I have tcp port 5222 open for incoming and outgoing in the hardware firewall, I also have PSI installed (for testing connection) in windows xp pro sp2, with openfire in the windows firewall exceptions list, I also have setup a test acccount using the openfire web interface.

The problem is, when I try to connect, or anyone else, an error is shown:-


There was an error communicating with the server.

Details: Authentication error: Not authorized

There’s nothing shown in either the openfire logs, or the server logs.

Hi usalabs,

Typically when you see the “Not Authorized” message, your network or network firewall are not getting in the way. Are you sure you have specified the account settings correctly in Psi? Are you using all lowercase letters for your screen name?


hi, thanks for the response, I did manage to figure it out though, I found out, by setting the openfire server name to localhost instead of domain.??? it worked, as long as I have the A record of domain.??? set up in the external DNS service, even meebo can connect successfully.

If I used domain.??? for the openfire server name, then fastpath cannot connect, so I have to use localhost as the openfire server nam, and remove the existing certificates, then create new ones.