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Close spark with X


I want to publish spark on Citrix XenApp servers.

The problem, i can’t close the client with X.

If you let an application running in task bar, the user session’s can’t close completely.

Is it possible to make X closing Spark?

Thank you a lot!

As you are asking in the Dev section, are you looking for a code change to compile your own version? As i’m not a developer, can’t help with that. It is probably possible to change the behavior of X button, or maybe just hide it and then instruct users to use File > Exit to close the app. Anyway, i will file a ticket to make an optional setting (not a default) to change the behavior, but as Spark lacks developers i can’t say when and whether it will be implemented. [SPARK-1942] Add an option to make Spark exit when pressing X button - IgniteRealtime JIRA


I’m not a developer at all

Thank you for openning a ticket.

I know the best is to instruct users, but it’s not simple sometimes