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Closing of chat window will "delete" not transfered messages


if one closes the chat window it is closed. This seems to be fine but if one does this accidentally and has typed a lot of text into the input area this text is lost. I’'d like to see a popup which ask if one really wants to close the window if

a) there are still not sent messages or

b) files to transfer not yet transferred or in progress

c) or some contacts which are not added to ones roster .

Maybe one should be able to configure this in “Chat Window Information” properties.


Miranda has a plugin which saves any text you have in input area. So it’'s there when you close chat window and open it again. Nice feature.

I like all these ideas. These are the kind of features that really make the client better. So which one is the best feature?


Hi Derek,

well, save for later seems to be much more complicated, I’'m not sure that this feature is really useful.

What about a popup which let’‘s the user select "There are unsent messages and contacts which you didn’'t add to your roster" “close all” “save for later (if one really needs this)” “keep open” ?


Popup is ok.

.oO(maybe a “restore” option, so if one closes the “main” window which contains the tabs Spark remembers all open rooms and chats. If one starts chatting again (or a message arrives, or Spark is launched) then all chat and room tabs are opened again)