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Cluster issue with Open Fire

After windows patch updates on the server2012 R2 started up the OpenFire cluster and tried to move all the services (Roles) to the secondary server to patch the primary server but unable to access OpenFirs console or TransVerse client, any heads up will be appreciated.

You’re not providing much information that allows us to help you. Rough courses of action that I can suggest:

  • Evaluate log files to see if they identify the cause of failure.
  • Restore a backup, to revert back to a working state, and try again.

Hello Guus,

Thx for your quick reply, I am user clustered configuration openfire installed on serverA and serverB, when I try to switch roles ( openfire, mssql) from serverA to serverB everything crashes, I can not open TransVerse client and Opefire console.

That doesn’t really provide us with any more information than what you’ve already provided. Again, my suggestion is to evaluate log files and/or restore your original, working environment from backup.

WE have created new MSSQL instance, exported data from DB to the new sql then installed openfire again but still issue exists. Log file does not say anything. I have Chat1 and Chat2 server, chat1 is clustered with serverA and B. Ideally it when move all the roles from server A to server B my chat1 openfire console should work and even transverse client but when I move all the server roles from failover manager to server B then nothing is working therefore I am kind of in a weird situation therefore need some proper steps to follow for failover cluster setup of OpenFire.