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Cluster not aware of it's connection mangers

When I connect with a connection manger it only connects to one node (and the rest of the nodes are unaware of that connection manger).

I have a round robin DNS setup, where xmpp.messaging.domain.com goes to a clustered openfire setup. It appears that when you connect a connection manger – it only connects to one node and that the other nodes in the cluster are not aware of the connection manger.

I am using Connection Manager 3.3.2 – i didn’t see a download for a new version for 3.4.0 – is it just because I am using an older version, or is this a bug?



Hey Mick,

That is correct. Connection Managers are local to each node and are not visible to other nodes. All a node knows is in which node a user session lives. So if nodeA knows that a user session lives in nodeB then nodeA will contact nodeB. It’s up to nodeB to use the connection manager connected to nodeB for delivering packets to users connected through that connection manager.

Which problems are you seeing with this solution? BTW, note that a DNS server even though it does round robin to distribute the load it will fail to recognize when an IP address is not available.


– Gato

Ah, ok so that is by design. I just wanted to be able to see what

connection mangers are connected to the cluster - I guess I’d need to

check each node individually for that info.

I know that a dns server will not know that an ip address isn’t

available – we reconnect when an connection manager isn’t found. Or do

you mean that this is an issue when a node drops and a connection

manager is still connected?


  • Mick